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Russ Feingold at ACLU’s Bill of Rights Celebration in Chicago

“The best chance of successes in [fighting governmental abuses] will come from a multifaceted approach, including working with Members of Congress in the legislative front, going to court when appropriate, organizing political efforts, especially around elections and the societal effort whenever possible that gives real human examples of the problems that occur when our constitutional rights and freedoms are attacked. I don’t suggest that it’ll be easy, I don’t suggest that it’ll be quick, but I am entirely persuaded that if we can make the case to the American people, as is often the circumstance, our political leaders will follow the people’s lead. And we can win the fights that start out as lonely ones.”  – Russ Feingold

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Women’s Rights in Indiana

You may have already heard the story of the woman in Indiana who tried to kill herself with rat poison. Bei Bei Shuai is now in jail for murder of her fetus.

Was it “wrong”? Sure.

Was it a crime/illegal? No.

In the great state of Indiana, attempted suicide does not land you in jail. She, as a sovereign person, attempted just that.

If a non-pregnant person attempted suicide – not a crime. If a pregnant person attempts suicide, then it is also not a crime. There cannot be a set of laws for pregnant people and a different set of laws for non-pregnant people. That is fundamentally unconstitutional.

“Indiana does not prosecute people for attempted suicide,” said Indiana University law professor, medical doctor, and former state representative David Orentlicher. “So now this prosecutor is saying, ‘If you’re suicidal, you better not get pregnant, because you might get thrown in jail.’ That to me is a very important constitutional problem.”

It is a sad story, but she is not a criminal. I’ll definitely be watching the outcome of this attempt to trample on my rights as a woman, yet again.

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Read the ACLU’s brief on the case here.